5 Mistakes You Make When You Blow Out Your Hair Yourself

DIY BlowoutWith all the Youtube tutorials on how to get a perfect blowout at home, we imagine you’ve tried it at least once or twice. While you probably feel like you’re saving money and time with a ‘do-it-yourself’ blowout, are you saving your hair too? We recommend investing in professional blowouts at a dry bar salon because chances are you’re making these five mistakes with a DIY blowout:

  • Too Early, Too Late


It might not seem like that big of a deal, but timing does matter during a blowout. If you’re in a hurry, you might be tempted to start drying and brushing your hair right out of the shower when it’s soaking wet—way too soon. Blasting your hair with a blow dryer on full power when your hair isn’t dry enough can be very damaging, causing frizz, split ends, and tangles. We recommend to start drying it at medium heat on a low speed and then begin the blowout styling process when it’s about 80% dry. 


Many people, however, make the opposite mistake: starting the blowout too late. Not only is wrapping your hair in a regular towel going to make it more vulnerable to breakage but so is leaving that towel there for half an hour. We recommend you use a microfiber towel or a clean T-shirt and wrapping your hair for no more than ten minutes.


 Letting your hair air dry before you begin your blowout is great for keeping it even more healthy. Professionals get the timing just right at a dry bar salon because they are only focused on blowing out your hair. When you’re at home, you’re probably doing a million things at once and therefore not able to time your blowout correctly.


  • The Wrong Tools


DIY BlowoutOne of the most important aspects of a great blowout is simply a great blow-dryer and a great brush. You can’t expect a salon-quality style from a DIY blowout using low-quality tools. Getting the right blow dryer for your hair is the first investment you should make if you’re serious about incorporating a blowout into your regular hair routine.

While high-quality blow-dryers can be expensive, they last a very long time and have multiple settings and functions that make your hair healthier and stronger over time. Cheaper blow-dryers will have you drying your hair for ages, while more high-end blow-dryers will dry your hair faster, give it more shine and volume, and cause less frizz. 


You should also be using a quality round brush as well, one made of the right materials for your hair type. If you have straight hair, try a brush made with ceramics. For those with more frizzy and coarse hair, boar bristles will make your hair smooth. In the long run, investing in the more professional blow-dryer and brush at the store is your best bet for a DIY blowout, but we also encourage you to supplement them with blowouts from experienced stylists at a dry bar salon. They’ll always have the right tools.


  • You Forget This Key Product:


Rule number one for doing any kind of heat styling: always use a heat protectant. We get it, it’s easy to forget to use all of your hair products when you’re in a rush, but heat protectant is by far the most important for a DIY blowout. You also have to make sure to apply heat protectant to all areas of your hair so as not to leave any sections vulnerable to heat damage. Apply the product all around your hair, especially to the back where most people tend to forget, and focus it on the middle of the shaft to the ends. Years down the line when you don’t have as many split ends as other people; your hair will thank you for protecting it.


  • The Wrong Technique


Instinctively, you might start your blowout at the back of your head, but we recommend starting at the front instead. Begin at your temples and hairline, then work to the nape of your neck, as this will prevent your hair from ending up frizzy by the time you finish your DIY blowout.


  • You Think You Don’t Need This:


DIY BlowoutNever ignore that handy nozzle attachment that comes with your dryer! There’s a reason stylists at a dry bar salon use it, and you should too. The concentrator nozzle at the end of your blow-dryer helps direct the air more precisely to protect your hair from being blown with too much heat at a time. If you want to keep your hair smooth, healthy, and frizz-free, don’t forget to use that nozzle. Thinner nozzles are even better for getting volume at the roots, so keep this in mind the next time you purchase a blow-dryer.


DIY Blowout Technique from Blos·Roses


Being aware of the common mistakes you may be making during your DIY blowout is the first step towards improving, but it’s safer to simply get a professional blowout at a salon like ours. At Blos·Roses, we can achieve the most gorgeous styles with your hair at a fraction of the time it usually takes. Check out our website for more information!