Summer Ends in MIA: Beach Wave Styles to Beat the Heat

As summer comes to an end, you might find yourself longing for the smell of salt air, the freedom of summer, and laid-back beach hair. 

While you may be spending less time at the beach, you don’t need salt water and sand to get those desired beach waves year-round. 

Here are some of our best tips on how to get a beach waves hairstyle without a trip to the beach!

What Are Beach Wave Hairstyles?

Beach hair is all about the natural, salty, waves that you get after spending a day at the beach. Beach wave hairstyles look effortless, loose, and messy, like a mermaid.

By no means is this style supposed to look polished and perfect. Beach waves are supposed to look like you didn’t try too hard. Many credit Lauren Conrad and other beauty icons from early 2010 for popularizing the laid-back, easygoing, California-girl hairstyle.

Beach wave hairstyles are still on-trend and embody a youthful vibe. While many women wear all of their hair down with beachy waves, you could also play up the look with these ideas:

  • braids in between the beach waves
  • half-up/half-down buns or ponytails
  • cute hair accessories like decorated clips and bobby pins

While some women have naturally wavy hair, odds are that achieving this style is going to take a little bit of work, especially if you’re doing it from home. Our professional hairstylists at Blos·Roses have some tips and tricks on getting beach wave hairstyles at a salon!

At Blos·Roses, we offer tons of beach wave hairstyles from our blow bar!

How to Get Beach Waves at Blos·Roses

One of the easiest ways to get beach waves is to put your damp, clean hair in a braid or two overnight. By the time you wake up in the morning and undo your braids, you’ll have perfectly wavy hair ready to go. 

This method is great for those who want beach wave hairstyles with little to no work or those who barely have time to get ready in the morning. According to Lauren Conrad, this is how she gets her beachy waves. 

If you want really loose waves, opt for bigger and looser braids. If you want smaller waves, opt for smaller and tighter braids. At Blos, we can give you blowouts and then a trendy braid hairstyle that will eventually turn into waves when you take out the braid. However, depending on your hair texture and level of frizziness, this method may or may not work for you, so we also recommend some other options. 

Using hot hair tools can give you waves that are less frizzy and more voluminous. Many hairstylists use a waver, which specifically functions to give your hair a long-lasting, wavy look. The downside to this method is, of course, that it uses heat to achieve the waves. 

Heat can damage your hair, causing breakage and split ends if you use it too much. This is why we always use heat protectant at Blos·Roses and why we recommend not to use hot tools too much. Our professional hairstylists treat our clients’ hair with the utmost care and love to protect your luscious locks!

To really transform your hair and make it feel like an authentic beach wave hairstyle, we also recommend using sea salt spray. This texturizing spray will make your hair look and smell like you just got back from the beach, often having saltwater ingredients, coconut, and aloe vera. 

After spritzing it throughout your hair, your waves will be more defined, and your hair will have more volume, texture, and shine overall. Sea salt spray tends to have a light to medium amount of hold on your hair that locks the style in place. 

If you want the maximum hold to keep your hair wavy all day, your hairstylist will apply a little bit of hairspray. We won’t apply too much—it’s OK if your waves are loose and a little messy. If you want your hair to look wetter and like you just got out of the water, you can also ask your hairdresser to style your waves with gel. 

The wet-hair look has also become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. At Blos·Roses, we offer tons of beach wave hairstyles, like our “Waves 4 Days” style. With our professional hair styling and blowouts, you can mix and match waves with braids, buns, and ponytails. 

Your waves will come out voluminous, shiny, and appear effortless in addition to our signature blowout. We can wave your hair right here at our blow bar, or you can opt for a braid that can give you waves the next day!

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