Blos • Roses Introduces Glam Wallet

Treating yourself on a budget has never been easier! With Glam Wallet, you can get pampered with your hair, nails, and makeup without breaking the bank.

The Ultimate Path to Low-Cost Beauty Services

When looking for beauty services near me, it can be disheartening to look at different beauty and hair salons and realize that you won’t be able to afford a blowout or a mani/pedi. This year has been difficult for many of us financially, so don’t feel alone if you’ve had to stop getting your regular manicures or if you feel unconfident without your regular blowout. 

Our team at Blos·Roses wants every person who walks in to get the low-cost beauty services they deserve without the worry that comes with paying for them. That’s why Blos·Roses has teamed up with Glam Wallet, a feature on Reel where women can save in advance for their beauty expenses. 

Many of us often stop prioritizing ourselves, but investing in yourself is a form of necessary self-care. It makes you feel happier, and it’s better for your wellbeing, yet you may feel a big sense of guilt around it. 

Using Reel, you can start setting small amounts of savings aside towards your beauty and hair salon expenses. Instead of spending $500 up-front on Botox every six months, you can save less than $3 a day and have the $500 saved up in time for your next appointment. 

Instead of dishing out $125 for your monthly Hour Glam session, you can save up that money in just 25 days by paying only $5 a day. Glam Wallet can aggregate multiple services to inspire and incentivize women to set money aside for themselves. 

Reel is a platform for financial empowerment that makes it easy for people to save in installments towards future purchases. It’s debt-free shopping, never charging interest. While using Reel, you will feel in control of your finances and smart about your purchases. 

We want our clients to feel good about treating themselves to beauty services near me, so we’re introducing this valuable alternative payment option. Blos·Roses brings a unique “Hour Glam” specialty, a concept like none other that bridges the gap between high-quality beauty services and the limited periods of time that many women only have so much of to spare in their busy schedules. 

This 1-hour service includes a manicure, pedicure, and blow-dry performed at the same exact time by three separate technicians. In just sixty minutes, you’ll be completely pampered and ready for a night out without even having to lift a finger!

Getting manicures every two weeks can add up over time, so save money and budget for several manicures with our Manicure Bundle on Glam Wallet!

Blos • Roses: Beauty and Hair Salon

And just in time for the holidays, Blos·Roses is offering all of our clients a special Holiday Glam Bundle that you can budget for right through Glam Wallet. Including four blow-dries, two manicures, one pedicure, and one glam makeup session, this bundle is perfect for maintaining your hair and nails through all of the back-to-back holiday gatherings and parties you may have for the next couple of months. 

Not into makeup? No problem! Get our Glam Bundle instead at just $5 a day to get the same services but without the makeup session. If you prefer only to get blowouts or manicures, we’re also offering bundles on those two individual services so you can save up for multiple sessions at a discounted price. Check out our Blowdry Bundle, which includes three blow-dries and one styling session, or our Manicure Bundle, which includes three manicures.

If you have just half an hour to spare, we also recommend our Ultimate Dual Glam experience, which is similar to our Hour Glam in that you get a manicure, pedicure, and blowout. However, these services are performed by two technicians instead of three, so it will take a little longer.

We offer many different hairstyles, nail styles, and more. Visit our beauty and hair salon by booking an appointment right on our website!