#BlosNoBrainer: Yes Your Curly Hair Can Be Blo’ed

Those with curly hair have tons of options in regards to styling. You can wear your hair in its naturally curly state, you can get creative with up-dos and styles, or you can opt for a sleek straight look from a blowout hair salon. Regardless of your style, curly hair can transform into your liking and getting a blo out for curly hair is much easier thank you think.

The most common thoughts when blowing out curly hair is: do I risk heat damage? Heat damage occurs when your heat styling tools are not used carefully on delicate hair. This happens when your hair is not adequately cared for, and a heat protectant is not used. Heat protectant provides a barrier between your hair shaft and the heat styling tool that offers protection. In the long run, this will save your hair from breakage, heat damage, and from thinning. Those with curly hair often worry about losing their curl pattern, but luckily, Blos·Roses has you covered.

The process of a blow out for curly hair

The blow out process is relatively similar for those who have curly hair. A blow out can transform frizzy, curly locks to a fresh, sleek style. Here’s what to expect:

  • Your hair will be washed with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
  • Your hair will be towel-dried and detangled
  • We will add heat protectant and product to smooth your hair
  • We section and blowdry your hair straight
  • We finish off with a cool shot of air to set your style.

What to expect from your blow out for curly hair?

If you’re expecting to have a different look that embodies shine and body, you’re right. A blow out on curly hair resembles the same standards most would expect on straighter hair types. Because your hair texture is being altered, the length of time your blowout may last will vary. Most can expect their blow out on curly hair to last anywhere between three and five days, but there are multiple ways to preserve your hair.

Aren’t blowouts bad for naturally curly hair?

While we mentioned heat protectant earlier in the post, it’s essential to understand what is truly bad for natural hair. Numerous factors can affect the health of your hair. They range from sleeping on cotton pillowcases, using combs too harshly, using protects with parabens and of course excessive heat. It’s hard to say that blowouts on curly hair will be the cause of breakage as several factors may play a role, including the health of your hair before the blowout. To ensure that your hair suffers the least amount of damage, adequate hair care is essential.

Keeping your hair moist between blowouts along with using deep conditioning treatments will improve your curl’s elasticity, allowing minimal heat damage and breakage. The care between salon visits is just as crucial to your hair’s health. Our stylists can recommend products for everyday use.

Blow Out For Curly Hair at Blos·Roses 

At Blos·Roses, you can always expect professionalism. Our trained stylists are comfortable working with all types of hair to achieve your desired look. From sleek and shiny, to bouncy waves and braids, Blos·Roses does it all. Paired with our signature manicure and pedicure, a new look becomes effortless. Those with curly hair love the transformation, and we invite you to see it for yourself with a blo out for curly hair!