#BlosNoBrainer: How To Make Your Blo Out Last A Week

Let’s face it; nothing feels better than getting your hair done. Your self-esteem rises, your Instagram likes go up and practically a new person once your freshly washed locks blow in the wind. Now that you’re committed (or addicted, we don’t judge) to blowouts, the key is maintaining them throughout the week. You may have a busy work or school schedule, being a mom, or commitments to uphold, but that doesn’t mean your blowout should suffer. 

Here’s how a maintain your blowout from a professional blo dry bar for an entire week:

Limit the use of products on the first few days

For the first few days of your blowout, you look and feel amazing. Your hair is shiny and sleek and catches the eye of everyone that walks past. Because your hair is already 10/10, there’s no need for additional products. During your appointment, your stylist assessed what will give your hair the glow you desire. Frizz is no match to a stylist’s expertise. Limit the use of products you put in your hair on the first few days and allow your blowout to shine.

Dry Shampoo

By day three, you may notice a bit of oil on your scalp. This is normal as the scalp naturally produces oil to keep your hair follicles healthy and hydrated, but we understand this may not be the best look for your blowout. If you have curly hair, an oily scalp will cause your newly straightened hair to revert to its natural state. For those with straight hair, excess oil will cause your style to look greasy. With dry shampoo, you’re able to soak up the oil on your scalp, lengthening the wear of your blowout.

Dry Conditioner

By day five, it’s time to bring in reinforcements: dry conditioner. While your scalp may feel dry and refreshed after spraying on your favorite dry shampoo, the hair shaft and your ends may need a little help.

Dry conditioner usually contains oil which will help hydrate your hair and promote shine without wetting the hair. Dry conditioner is much more moisturizing than dry shampoo, so keeping in your regular hair care routine is the key for a long-lasting blowout.

Hair Accessories and styles

Adding hair accessories or throwing your hair into a cute style will definitely keep your hands out of your hair and ultimately lengthen the wear of your blowout. Fun accessories like clips will keep your hair out of the face and add a bit of style while a headband can transform your entire look and add character to your blowout that is on its last leg. A ballet bun can not only keep your hair off your face but will help you preserve your style while working out. A great work out is the number one cause of a ruined hairstyle, but with a bun, you’re secure and fashionably sleek.

Volume Spray

By day seven, we’re positive your blowout can withstand one more look. By adding volume spray to your roots, you’re able to transform ruined roots into a trendy full look. The bigger, the better right? Take your favorite volumizing spray and attack your roots where it is needed. Fluff your hair with your hands or use a comb to create a full-bodied look.

In all, at Blos·Roses, we pride in making sure you look your best in as little time as possible. Since time is money, these tips will allow you to save time in your daily routine by giving you a long-lasting blowout. For more information on blowouts or to set an appointment, feel free to give us a call.