Glam Bundles: The Season that Keeps Giving

It’s the season of giving! Treat yourself for the holidays with our glam bundles so you can feel pampered not once, but multiple times throughout the season. Don’t forget to ask about your favorite winter hairstyles for 2020 so our expert stylists at our blow dry bar can give you the perfect look!

Get Glammed Up for the Holidays!

With the holiday season upon us, it can be disheartening to look at different beauty and hair salons and realize that you won’t be able to afford a blowout or a mani/pedi for your next holiday gathering. 

This year has been difficult for many of us financially, so don’t feel alone if you’ve had to stop getting your regular manicures or if you feel unconfident without your regular blowout. Our team at Blos·Roses wants every person who walks in to get the low-cost beauty services they deserve without the worry that comes with paying for them. 

That’s why Blos·Roses has teamed up with Glam Wallet, a feature on Reel where women can save in advance for their beauty expenses. With our Holiday Glam Bundle, we’re offering several of our most popular services in one exclusive package for a lower price! This bundle is valued at $300, a costly price to pay up front. 

With Glam Wallet, however, you can pay little by little and get glammed up just in time for that Christmas or New Year’s get-together. Our Holiday Glam Bundle includes:

  • 4 Blow Dry Sessions
  • 2 Manicures
  • 1 Pedicure
  • 1 Glam Makeup Session

All of our bundles are still available for all your pampering needs, but our holiday special was specifically curated for you to get completely glammed up (makeup, hair, nails, and all) for that special holiday party or family event! 

Since there are multiple blow dry sessions, you can make sure your hair is looking perfect all season long and well into the new year. Want to treat your loved one to this bundle instead? Rather than getting them just one glam session you would have to pay up front, get them a bundle! It won’t break the bank for you and it will allow them to keep feeling appreciated even after the holiday season! 

Not into makeup? No problem! Get our Glam Bundle instead at just $5 a day to get the same services but without the makeup session. If you prefer only to get blowouts or manicures, we’re also offering bundles on those two individual services so you can save up for multiple sessions at a discounted price. 

Check out our Blowdry Bundle, which includes three blow-dries and one styling session, or our Manicure Bundle, which includes three manicures. If you have just half an hour to spare, we also recommend our Ultimate Dual Glam experience, which is similar to our Hour Glam in that you get a manicure, pedicure, and blowout. 

However, these services are performed by two technicians instead of three, so it will take a little longer. When you come in for your blowout, don’t hesitate to ask one of our hairdressers about your favorite winter hairstyles for 2020. Our expert stylists can give your hair a wide variety of looks, so bring in a reference picture or description of what you want, and we’ll be happy to make it happen for you!

Some of the most popular winter hairstyles of 2020 include braids, ponytails, and trendy cuts. Face-framing braids are super in right now and are perfect if you’re going for that laidback, low-effort vibe. 

Simply ask your stylist at our blow dry bar to give you two small braids on each side of your face and add in some texturizing spray to curls or waves on the rest of your hair. This will give your locks a lived-in, casual look. 

Want something a little more vintage? Retro ponytails will take your holiday outfit to the next level. Ask your hairdresser for a high or middle ponytail with a deep side part. If you have long bangs flip them to the side and put a cute clip or let them loose to frame your face. When your ponytail is secure and snatched, ask your stylist to flip the ends upward for that retro, 60s look!

Try out our Ultimate Dual Glam bundle where you can get 3 services performed at the same time by 2 technicians!

Get Your Loved One A Gift Card

Gift certificates are perfect for when you don’t know what that special someone in your life prefers. Since we have so many services, this is a smart and convenient way to give your loved one a day of pampering while also allowing them to choose how they want to be pampered. 

Our gift certificates can be any amount and used directly at our Doral blow dry bar. Choose which day you want your loved one to receive their gift certificate and we’ll send it right to their email address or to yours if you want to print it out and give them a hard copy. 

We offer many different hairstyles, nail styles, and more. Visit our beauty and hair salon by booking an appointment right on our website!