Summer Savings! Beat the Heat with Our Styles and Specials

Braids for Days

Summer seems a little different this year, but what isn’t is that it’s hot outside! At Blos·Roses blow dry bar, we have some great style options to help you beat the heat and save some money. Braids are perfect for summer, so take a look at our braid styles and blow dry bar specials that we’re offering at Blos·Roses!

One of our most popular styles is our “Under the Sea” fishtail braid. This intricate hairstyle is great for any occasion, any outfit, and will make you look and feel like a mermaid!

Our “Almost Dutch” is a perfect bridesmaid style with simple curls or waves and an intricate Dutch braid on half of your hair. Dutch braids can be thicker or smaller, depending on the look you want.

You can opt for a full, side-swept dutch braid or two smaller dutch braids that cascade down your shoulders.

Going back to half hairstyles, we also offer our style “Halfway There Baby,” where we style the upper half of your hair with braids and the lower half with a sleek and straight style, waves, or curls!

This half-up/half-down look fits a multitude of occasions, and we’re happy to offer you any of these braid styles at your next blow dry bar appointment.

Benefits of Braids

There are several benefits to styling your hair with braids, one of them being that they are great for hot weather.

Smaller and tighter braids are especially great if you’re planning on being outside for long periods because they get your hair out of your face and keep the heat off your neck.

If you have an event where you’re going to be moving a lot or staying out in the sun, try a French braid or two!

Another benefit to braids is that they help tame your tangled and frizzy hair. At Blos, our professionals minimize frizz as much as possible by using the right products and techniques. Braids stay in place all day, so we recommend braids for anyone who finds their hair unmanageable and easily tangled.

Braiding your hair with moisturizing serums and leave-in conditioners can also help women who suffer from dry hair.

If your hair strands don’t hold in as much moisture and shine as you would like, braiding your hair after applying products can lock in that moisture and keep it in place.

Braids also give you the perfect beach waves using no heat whatsoever. As you probably know, using hot tools on your hair every day can be damaging in the long run and contribute to frizziness, split ends, and moisture loss.

Our professional hairstylists at Blos·Roses know this, so they always use heat protection and treat your hair with the utmost care. One of the best ways to stay away from heat while still giving your hair some body and bounce is through braids!

Dampen your hair and simply style it into a braid (or two if you want tighter waves/curls) for a few hours or overnight, and you’ll wake up to perfect, effortless beach waves.

Waking up early just to do your hair in the morning can be exhausting and take up way too much time. Sleep in a little more and braid your hair the night before for heatless waves.

Summer Savings at Our Blow Dry Bar

Stop by our blow dry bar for our July Blow Dry Bundle! Don’t wait—get 5 blow-dry sessions for only $100 total all throughout the month of July until we reach our limit. (Wash included, styling not included.)

For just $100, you can get 5 blowdry sessions! Hurry, this offer is only valid to purchase until July 31st.

As for our weekly specials, we have plenty for you to choose from. Join us on Tuesdays for our $45 blow-dry and manicure combo, or our $25 blow-dry on Wednesdays (styling not included). We also offer a mani/Pedi combo for just $45 every Thursday.