These Fall Colors Will Make Your Mani / Pedi Pop Effortlessly

Your favorite stores have already started stocking their pumpkin spice candles, and that means only one thing — fall is finally here! While in Miami, we won’t be so quick to break out our heeled booties and knitted cardigans, but we can celebrate fall with a look with Fall nail colors that scream fall.

1: O.P.I. Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-k

Deep blue is practically traditional for fall and teal has been a trendy color this year overall, so a polish like O.P.I.’s new fall Scotland collection is an excellent marriage of trendy uniqueness and fall traditions. This deep teal polish evokes images of a mysterious, misty, magical lake, right on your fingertips!

2: Jessie’s easily suede

Fall is the time for warm neutrals and Essie’s easily suede is a unique, eye-catching one. Though you wouldn’t think of grey as warm,  Essie created a creme grey that makes you think of cozy blankets and fuzzy slippers, or the smoke rising from a warm fireplace. 

3: Sally Hansen Color Therapy Powder Room

A shimmery, beige-nude is the perfect partner to the darker colors usually favored for fall. Sally Hansen Color Therapy’s Powder Room is one of the best incarnations of that color. The polish provides a soft, pale beige color that balances on the point between warm or cool. The gentle shimmer gives it just enough oomph to add elegance and class to your favorite top.

4: Deborah Lippman’s Dim All The Lights

If you’re looking for something a little bolder, but with the touch of darkness and subtlety to reflect your Halloween obsession, Deborah Lippman’s Dim All The Lights is a perfect companion. This deep blue-violet special effects polish is both stunning and understated, with rainbow holographic shimmers to take the impact up to eleven. If there were a color that could also be a witch’s potion, it would be this one!

5: O.P.I.’s Red Heads Ahead

Even though fall is a time where we head back to more muted colors, that doesn’t mean a manicure can’t be bright! A vibrant red to reflect the color of changing leaves is just the ticket for a stunning mani/pedi that just won’t stop. O.P.I.’s Red Heads Ahead is a beautiful true red creme that is perfect on almost any skin tone. It screams sophistication and can go from the office to a night out effortlessly. 

6: illimite’s Roots

Special effects polish, like duo-chrome, multi-chrome, and holographic, are becoming mainstream. Illimite’s copper-magenta-gold shifting multi-chrome polish packs all the fall colors you can imagine into one glittery, show stopper that no one will be able to tear their eyes away from. The polish takes inspiration from Frida Kahlo’s painting of the same name.

 7: Zoya’s Ashton

Who says that glitter is too much for fall? Not us! Take your glitter into grunge with a gunmetal-gray glitter polish like Zoya’s Ashton that will add a little sparkle to your outfit without making it feel too summery. This deep grey polish has scattered silver glitter throughout and will match any fall outfit, whether you are embracing the warm plaids or going black from head to toe. 

Whatever one of these Fall nail colors you choose, head over to Blos.Roses for a luxurious mani/pedi that will get you in the spirit of fall!