Blos Roses Blends High Experience and Low Touch

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The Blos Roses hair salon follows social distancing guidelines while giving you a retro-glam experience.

Blos·Roses in Doral, Florida, is the epitome of high-end experience. Customers at the Salon Today Salon of the Year Second Runner-Up not only experience a retro esthetic imagined by founder Diana Hernandez, but they also have the opportunity to have multiple beauty services, including manicures, pedicures, and blowouts—all done at the same time.

Modernizing Retro Glam

In building out the salon, Hernandez and her co-founder Karolyn Henao wanted a business that solved a common problem for women: not having enough time for self-care.

“I saw that there was there was an opportunity for salons in the sense that 49% or more of women don’t go to the salon for one reason, and it’s lack of time,” Hernandez said. “We have so many tasks that don’t allow us to have the luxury to escape to the salon for hours like people in the ’50s or ’60s.”

So, Hernandez decided to modernize the concept, while keeping the retro vibe of the mid-century salon heyday. Instead of multiple hours of beauty treatments, she combined them into one, calling it the “Hour Glam.” In one hour, customers could have a pedicure, manicure, and blowout—each done by individual staff members.

To make it all happen, Hernandez needed to lean into her background in design and create a styling station that allowed three salon techs to work on one customer at a time.

Pivoting During a Pandemic

The Blos·Roses hair salon opened in summer 2019, and the Hour Glam concept was taking off when the salon, like many others, had to close due to COVID-19 restrictions. Once the salon was able to reopen at the end of May, Blos·Roses’s marquee service wasn’t possible due to social distancing limitations.

“It’s kind of like rebooting and reinventing ourselves because, due to social distancing and all these guidelines, the hour glam was the first thing that had to take a hit,” Hernandez said. “We’re waiting on it to be the safest to reintroduce it.”

In the meantime, the salon paired the service down to a Duo Glam—where customers can get two services at a time, allowing the techs to maintain social distancing from each other.

“We want to be safe, but people do miss it,” Hernandez said. “Once you get to know the service, and once you have it done, you’re like, ‘Oh my god, this is a no-brainer.’”

Blos Roses offers a unique retro-glam experience in as little time as possible while following social distancing guidelines at the salon.

A Social Distancing Salon: Bringing Customers Back

It took more than just a (temporary) reimagining of its marquee service to get Blos·Roses ready to reopen in May—the hair salon also had to rethink its marketing and booking strategy.

While Blos·Roses has always had online booking available for customers, when the salon reopened, it began requiring a credit card with booking to prepay for appointments. It was all about offering a low-touch experience for clients and minimizing risk. Getting customer information upfront made for a streamlined, seamless experience for both the salon and its customers.

“The only way to book online with us is if you prepay,” Hernandez said. “It’s good in the sense that we’re avoiding all the interactions with a POS and the register. It’s just being mindful of and respectful of our techs’ time and the difficult times that we are navigating.”

And for the customers who didn’t immediately come back? Blos·Roses whipped up retention emails in Marketing Suite to contact customers to get them to the salon. The best part? It was all automated. After reopening in May, the email campaigns alone delivered an extra 38 bookings, worth almost $2300—not an insubstantial amount for a salon that had been closed for three months.

“It’s been amazing for us to have as a marketing tool,” Hernandez said. “Having the marketing support on the platform is very easy to learn. I love that it’s easy to track and to see where we’re at and where our customers are.”

While Blos·Roses has a retro vibe, the hair salon balances its vintage glam with a high-tech marketing and booking experience to ensure customers are pampered, engaged, and safe. Book an appointment right on our website!