Three Fall 2020 Hair Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

While we don’t get much fall weather here in South Florida, we can still celebrate the season change with some style updates. These trending fall hairstyles for 2020 are perfect for Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving with the fam!

Killer Cuts for Fall

According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, bobs are going to be hot this season. When salons and barbershops weren’t open during the quarantine months, many people decided to cut their hair themselves, especially those with long hair who wanted a drastic change. Others chose to grow out their hair until they could finally see a hairdresser to chop it off. 

Suffice to say, blunt-cut bobs are back in style and will go perfectly with that cute turtleneck in your closet! While taking a pair of scissors to your hair seems like a tempting option, know that it’s much harder than the professionals make it look. Bobs are especially difficult to get right, so visit one of our hairstylists at our blow dry bar in Doral for the perfect cut. 

Speaking of cuts, choppy bangs are another trending fall hairstyle, as many of us decided to cut our own bangs during those quarantine days where we most needed some excitement. Now that your bangs have probably started to grow out a little and gotten a little messier, we recommend leaving it up to the professionals and getting them fixed ASAP.

Haircuts, like bobs and bangs, are some of the best fall hairstyles but some of the hardest to do yourself. Our expert hairstylists at our blow dry bar in Doral can give you the perfect cut!

Accessorize, Accessorize!

While 2019 made silky bows all the rage, sheer bows are more popular for this year’s fall season. For a quick and easy DIY project, buy some small rolls of organza in your favorite colors and tie a strip into a bow. Just like that, you can elevate your ponytail or half-up/half-down ‘do into an elegant and girly look. 

Another tip for making your ponytails even better this season is to accent them with little accessories, such as tiny ribbons or classic pins. A sleek, regular ponytail can look a bit boring, so don’t be afraid to accessorize! 

One of the best fall hairstyles to come of 2020 incorporates intricate, embellished headbands. If you need your outfit to transition from daytime-appropriate to nighttime-extravagant seamlessly, slip one of these on. Even better, pair them with some flirty beach waves at our blow dry bar in Doral. Whether they’re bejeweled or covered in pearls, embellished headbands can add glamor to any outfit and take your look to the next level.

Giant scrunchies are also becoming more and more popular this season. These hair accessories come in just about every fall color you could imagine, and they come in virtually every you could ask for. Instead of going for a plain cotton black scrunchie, look for a velvet burgundy, or a satin burnt orange—perfect for fall! 

While scrunchies are getting bigger, other hair accessories are getting smaller. Minimal and classic pins and clips are more the wave this fall. 

Try the Best Fall Hairstyles | Blowout Waves

If you think beach wave hairstyles are too summery but don’t want to give up a wavy look, opt for subdued blowout waves instead. This is one of the best fall hairstyles we offer at Blos, as our expert hairdressers have perfected the art of the blowout! 

We offer two trending fall hairstyles: dual-textured ponytails, which combine sleek and slicked back hair with a voluminous pony. This is a great option for people with naturally curly hair or if you’ve just gotten a big, voluminous blowout, and you want to try something new. 

Tiny braids nestled into blowout waves are also super hot this fall. At our salon, our texturizing products and luscious waves can give you that natural, boho look with these popular tiny braids. 

Deep side parts with sleek and straight hair is another one of our trending fall hairstyles. Blowouts aren’t just for being a great base to waves; they can also eliminate any frizz in your hair, making it sleek and straight. If you have a widow’s peak you’re not particularly fond of, a side part may be better suited for you.

Stay Trendy at our Blow Dry Bar in Doral

We can help you achieve virtually any hairstyle. Just let our stylists know! Visit our blow dry bar in Doral after you book an appointment with us online.